Saturday, October 17, 2015

Tom Ikkanda

Tom was born in Los Angeles, and attended University High School.  He was a devoted Japanese-American.  He was brilliant in his high school shop classes, and ultimately created and developed the most successful auto repair facility on the Westside.
He is a true legend and hero.  When the Buddhist Temple along Sawtelle was having financial problems and difficulties, it was Tom who rescued the institution.  It was Tom and his friends and others of Japanese descent who built Sawtelle Blvd.  They created the nurseries, the pharmacies, the small Japanese markets.  They maintained and preserved their traditions.
In 1942 Tom and his family were taken from their home in West Los Angeles and forced to relocate to the internment camp known as the Manzanar Relocation Camp.
After the War, Tom returned to the Sawtelle area and helped and supported all the local businesses.  He became President of the Buddhist Temple.  He became leader of the local Boy Scout Pack.  He created and taught many others to love sport fishing, the repair and restoration of motor vehicles, and, of course, the love of responsible care of firearms. 
He is truly a Local Hero.

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