Monday, July 25, 2016

Areté Preparatory Academy - Festival Partner

At Areté, students don’t just jump through hoops.  We guide our learners on a journey of critical reading, informed writing (again and again), and agile argumentation, with a healthy dose of fun along the way. Small, hands-on interactive seminars up the ante for genuine challenge and lively, rich engagement. Our close-knit, supportive milieu, rich with opportunities for individual exploration, encourages high-achieving students to become more than rule followers and “excellent sheep.”  Students learn to reason for themselves, developing their own unique intellectual identities in a culture that rewards risk taking and celebrates provocative thinking.

 The school’s innovative Great Ideas curriculum combines history, philosophy and the social sciences to address the perennial questions of human existence. This carefully planned, cross-disciplinary program introduces students to the important issues in Western and non-Western thought, encouraging the use of historical and contemporary examples to support students' own emergent philosophical positions. Our Eudaimonia Program raises the bar for high-achieving math and science students, offering accelerated curriculum and in-depth, long-term laboratory exploration.  

Areté’s college preparatory program harnesses students’ passions to create future innovators and game-changers, equipped to lead in a world that demands nimble problem solving and creative ingenuity. Driven by a genuine love of learning, our graduates excel in higher education; 90% are accepted to their first-choice colleges and universities.

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