Saturday, October 17, 2015

Albert Olson

Albert Olson helped the MVCC to reach a virtual zenith in achieving a Citywide reputation for Neighborhood Council excellence with respect to operations and output.  Under Albert's leadership as chair (and after a very successful role as MVCC Transportation/Infrastructure Committee chair):
 a) new committees were created and existing committees expanded,
 b) a raising of the bar for outreach was established for local issues involving developments and policy motions, and
 c) the ability of the MVCC to weigh in on regional issues (including issues involving our neighbors in Culver City and Santa Monica) reached new heights.

   Albert's successors as MVCC chair have all been hard-pressed to achieve this level of output with respect to drafting timely and relevant motions, and to provide advisory positions for the City of Los Angeles and its neighbors.  The bar is still to this day set very high for committees to have effective outreach and decorum because of the precedent Albert set during his tenure as MVCC Chair.  After his years of MVCC Chair, Albert continues to be a Mar Vista leader and hero by his tireless work organizing the very successful annual Mar Vista Fall Festival.

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