Saturday, October 17, 2015

Jeanne Kuntz

Jeanne is well known for her community work through the MVCC. What her colleagues know is that she is often making the greatest contribution with the least amount of fanfare. What we see her do weekly at the MVCC Green Tent, or organizing the Green Garden Showcase, the Fall Festival, the Water Wise Expo, and the Relay for Life, barely skims the surface of her efforts. Jeanne doesn’t ask “let me know if I can help”.  Jeanne is just suddenly there providing help that you never knew you needed. Whether it is taking homemade soup on a weekly friendly visit to a neighbor battling cancer, or spending time volunteering in a school garden, Jeanne’s gentle touch is felt throughout the community. She inspires me every day and I am thrilled to recognize her as one of our Heroes.

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