Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Baby Treasures

Baby Treasures has been in business for over 15 years and every baby item is handmade. We use the best quality 100% fabric and most blankets have a layer of batting to make them extra soft and warm. Everything is machine washable and dryable. We have taken a sample of all our items and test washed and dried them over 50 times to make sure they stand up to the daily use a baby needs.

Every Baby needs something warm and soft to snuggle!

Shopping Cart Seat Covers
These will fit a shopping cart seat up to 25 inches wide and will protect your baby from all those nasty germs on the handles. They are reversible with two different prints.

Burp Cloths- Flannel
Flannel burp cloths with decorative stitching~ set of 4 
Size: 12  x 17

Hooded Baby Blankets
Every hooded blanket includes a matching wash cloth. Babies love to be wrapped in these after a bath. Size: 30 x 30

Flannel Blanket Sets
Each blanket has two matching burp cloths. There is a layer of batting for extra warmth and softness.
Size: 30 x 36t
Changing Pads
Each changing pad includes one matching burp cloth. There is a layer of batting and vinyl to prevent any leaks.
Size: 20 x 26

Wash Cloths
These are reversible wash cloths. One side is flannel and the other side is terry cloth. Size: 10 x 10

Patchwork Baby Quilts
All our patchwork quilts are made of 100% cotton fabric with a layer of batting for extra warmth.
Size: 28 x 36

Burp Cloths- Set of 4
Diapers with fabric accent ~ set of 4
Size: 14 x 17

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