Saturday, October 17, 2015

Oryla Wiedoeft

Venice Senior High, Mar Vista's local high school, has a new principal this year and she is an inspiration: Oryla Wiedoeft.
 Dr. Wiedoeft has been infusing our high school with wisdom, energy and a gale of tremendous "Can-Do" spirit.  She is present at every school event, smiling ear-to-ear and blanketing our kids with prideful expectation.  Leading by example she is out in front as her faculty, parents and kids affirm that Venice HS offers our kids an exceptional education, every bit as excellent as they'll find anywhere …. right down on Venice Blvd.
 While 2015 has been a challenging one for Venice High School, the arrival of Dr. Wiedoeft as its new principal has infused the school with a sense of optimism that has not been present for a decade.   Her hard work and enthusiasm are contagious, and the faculty, staff, parents and students have all been inspired to come together to make Venice great again.   The recent focus on the negative has been set aside, as, in her words, “We’re doing SCHOOL this year!”

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