Saturday, October 17, 2015

Antje Einstein, Mark Einstein, Kent Alves, & Steve Fox

Several years back, MVCC in partnership with Hilltop Neighborhood Association undertook to improve the parkway on Grand View between Stanwood and Palms.  The effort was spearheaded by many neighbors, including Kent Alves, Steve Fox, Antje Einstein,  and Mark Einstein.
 Plants were purchased, hoses bought, and gophers were given notice. The City set up a work day and the resulting green space resulted. Over the years it has grown and matured.   In the Spring there are pretty purple flowers and the local bees have a field day.
Along the way an elder gentleman must have planted two lovely California Life Oaks, a native species.   I remember seeing him water them each week to make sure they got established. They have, and now they are gorgeous and protected from trimming. And, they are a welcome sight driving down Grand View, truly a grand view indeed.

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