Saturday, October 17, 2015

Zhuba Zalman Goldenlamb

I nominate Zhuba Zalman Goldenlamb as my local hero. I was seeking for everyone to pick up garbage before it goes into the ocean.  Without a request, Zhuba has embraced this path in total. He comes home on the city buses with pockets of plastic and Styrofoam to be recycled. He picks up trash wherever he goes, even when kids at school tell him "stop already". We have cleaned the sides of freeway exit ramps, removed insulation from a Sawtelle lawn, stopped for plastic bags and foil wrappers. He prays for and helps people who have no safe place to sleep. He is committed and enduring in his love and care for our earth.
When the classroom faucet was leaking, Zhuba persisted through the teacher, janitors, vice principal and principal until he contacted the superintendent of schools to stop the waste of water. He turns off forgotten hoses, moves sprinklers on campus to feed living plants and speaks up persistently to shorten the sprinkler time. He speaks statements and takes action to help the world.

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