Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sharon Commins

Sharon Commins furthered the progress of the MVCC in creating and expanding its committees with working, active co-chairs who could reliably provide Brown Act-compliant agendas in a timely and reliable manner.  Sharon ran the MVCC as would a CEO, encouraging individuals to step up and make a difference, while always being where she was most needed to ensure reliable operations at the committee level and at the level of the Board of Directors.  Sharon's original role as MVCC Planning Committee chair has been used for the betterment of the City by being appointed by Councilmember Bonin to the Recode LA Initiative, and Sharon is respected as a "citizen Planning guru" at all levels of City government.  Sharon's ability and efforts during and after her tenure in the MVCC to achieve neighborhood preservation, including and especially single-family neighborhoods, establishes Sharon as a formidable champion against past and present operational problems in the City of Los Angeles:    
a) inappropriate zoning,   
b) overdevelopment, and   
c) disregard for environmental law and even the City Charter. 
From an illegal marijuana shop next to a residential development, to preservation of the Old Fire Station 62, to fighting overdevelopment next to the future Exposition Light Rail Line, Sharon has always fought for the residents of Mar Vista, and sets an ongoing example as a leader and hero for the rest of the MVCC and Mar Vista Community to follow.

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