Saturday, October 17, 2015

Lakshmi Lambert

Lakshmi Lambert is the closest thing to an angel that I have encountered.  She wafts through life and asks for nothing but offers her services freely to anyone in need.  This can include free acupuncture for someone who cannot pay; to inviting people into her space when they are in dire straits; to driving across town to check in on a friend who is laid up.  She grows fruit and herbs and dispenses them, along with information about their properties, to her neighbors.  Once a week she makes a special trip to the beach to pick up trash in an area that she has adopted as her own.  For me, one of the biggest contributions she has made is to pray with her whole being for the Earth and all its inhabitants 3 times a day.  I have adopted this practice (in a somewhat haphazard manner) and find it brings me peace and puts me in touch with all of the unseen others, who care about humanity and also pray for our continued evolution, both physically and spiritually.

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