Saturday, October 17, 2015

Jerry Hornof

When we think about someone as being generous, we're usually thinking about money.  But the outpouring of generosity displayed by Jerry Hornof goes far beyond his financial assistance to his church, the park, and kids in need.  Jerry fills every vacant minute helping out.  He volunteers for committees like the Park Advisory Board, the Windward Community Advisory Board and the Mar Vista Festival Committee, running the silent auction every year. As President of the Westdale Homeowner's Association he facilitates communication in the neighborhood and represents their interests to other groups at various meetings. As an elder at St. Bede's Church, he is helping out there at every turn. An avid sports fan, Jerry follows practically every sport like a commentator, and still finds time to hike, ski, play softball and recreational hockey, both ice and roller.  He has coached many hockey teams at both Mar Vista Park and Venice High School as well as making key financial contributions to keep the teams operational.  

Jerry - when do you sleep?

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