Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bill Pope

Bill Pope has worked tirelessly on Traffic Mitigation, Emergency Response (HERO) and CERT for years.  He proposed realistic solutions to reduce cut-through traffic in Mar Vista, and used the MVCC Speed Trailer to document his assertions.
Bill was instrumental in getting the proposed high-voltage LADWP wires to be buried in Inglewood Bl. relocated.
As a member of the Hilltop Neighborhood Association, he personally increased the number of CERT certified members by over 100%.  He has created emergency response material that is world class and being considered as a standard by LAFD and he is setting up a radio network for use in emergencies in MVCC.
He has written a comprehensive instruction manual covering all aspects of emergency preparedness during a major disaster, geared especially for earthquakes & their aftermath that far exceeds what’s taught in the LACO CERT Level I class. 
He taught unbelievably informative classes at his home on emergency preparedness & coordinated neighborhood drills.
He bought & stored the necessary equipment for HERO members to provide these services, and engaged the assistance of knowledgeable neighbors & instructors, & has made everyone who participates feel valuable
Finally, but not the least of his accomplishments, Bill Pope is on a call-out team to support people fighting local wildfires.
A second hero award should be given to his wife and family for supporting his unselfish efforts.
Bill Pope is truly a MVCC hero, a “Super Hero” with no cape.

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