Thursday, January 1, 2015



Mar Vista Community Fall Festival & Silent Auction is Celebrating

We are very grateful for the support that the Mar Vista community has given the Fall Festival over the years.   As you know, we rely on the generosity of our community members---either as Sponsors or Silent Auction participants---for most of the operating expenses of the Festival.  The funds we raise also go to support the activities of our Mar Vista Park and Recreation Center. 

In 2013, in addition to the money needed to pay expenses of the Festival, the Festival raised enough funds to also purchase a new portable indoor/outdoor inflatable video screen for the Park.   In 2014 the Festival raised an additional $5,000 for Park improvements.  The Park Director, along with the Park Advisory Board, has suggested that those funds be used to assist in a project to purchase and install sound baffles for the Park Gym.  The funds needed are in the vicinity of $30,000, so we are planning to continue the Festival's support for this project by committing the funds raised in 2015---over and above the funds needed for the expenses of the Festival---to the sound baffles project also.
The sound baffles in the Gym are sorely needed to protect our community kids who play in the gym from the high-decibel sound that is created in the current environment. 

We will be sending out in the next few weeks an invitation for you to join us again as a Mar Vista Community Fall Festival Sponsor, and are hopeful that you will consider making a donation at some level for 2015.
Again, thank you very much for your past support.

Best Regards,

The Planning Committee for the Mar Vista Community Fall Festival & Silent Auction (Sherri Akers, Sharon Commins, Jerry Hornof, Jeanne Kuntz,  Albert Olson,  Pat Peterson, Tom Ponton,  Sara Roos, Lorraine Wells)

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