Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mar Vista Park Advisory Board and L.A. Parks Foundation

Mar Vista Park Advisory Board


The Park Advisory Board is integral to the overall operation of the park. PAB members help make sure the park is a safe and clean place to visit and enjoy. PAB members also help identify and push for park improvements.  PAB members work closely with the Park Director and Staff to provide feedback on community issues. Together the PAB and Park Staff work to best meet the needs of the community and local stakeholders. Recently, the Mar Vista Park Advisory Board has been instrumental in getting the gymnasium floor refurbished, getting the outdoor exercise equipment installed around the soccer field and getting bathroom and lighting improvements.

Park Advisory Board Chair Pammela Jackson

Parks are an essential component of what constitutes a great city.  Established as a California not-for-profit for the purposes of supporting the objectives of the City of Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Department, the Los Angeles Parks Foundation's mission is to enhance, expand, preserve and promote recreation and parks for the people of Los Angeles. 

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