Monday, July 24, 2017

Authentic Forgeries

Authentic Forgeries - Maker of swords, hollow ware, iron work, wood crafts, general fabrication, essays, illustrations, games and more from the mind and hands of Peter Farquhar. Peter Farquhar may be the only practicing blacksmith/sword smith living in Mar Vista. He has been a metal worker for over 35 years.

Peter had a knack for arts and crafts since age 2, and developed an obsession with metalwork by 13. He started doing business as Authentic Forgeries in his early 20s and his work has branched out in many directions since. 

Awarded for  Most Period Booth at this years High Desert Renaissance Pirate Faire. It is amazing what can be coaxed from minimal equipment and supplies with a little understanding and cunning - come and see for yourself!


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