Saturday, October 17, 2015

Tom & Lori Gilder

Tom & Lori Gilder are fully engaged Mar Vista residents and heroes.
 Tom Gilder is an accomplished leader and visionary whose more than 25 years as Head of School at Windward have been characterized by academic innovation and community involvement. Under Tom’s leadership, Windward School has become one of the premier independent schools in California and a committed neighbor and partner to the Mar Vista community.
Tom was instrumental in establishing the LA Parks Foundation with major annual contributions by Windward School that are directed toward Mar Vista Recreation Center paying for important upgrades including a new children's playground.
Tom’s leadership and experience extend beyond Windward to advocacy of the broader independent school community through professional affiliations. He serves as President of the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS), Chair of the Secondary Board of Standards for CAIS and serves on the Steering Committee of Los Angeles School Heads (LASH).
Lori Gilder has served on the Westdale Board of Directors for over eight years.  Lori’s role on the Board includes school liaison and spearheading programs to promote progressive health and human services and programs to enhance healthy aging. She initiated the Westdale Homeowners Association research on the WISE and Healthy Aging program. She's a member of the MVCC Aging In Place committee and has worked to establish a senior village concept in Mar Vista for many years.
Tom and Lori are a great team making Mar Vista a better place to live.

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