Saturday, October 17, 2015

Kathe Mazur

The name of my neighborhood hero is Kathe Mazur. In spite of many young kids in our neighborhood, 5 years ago Halloween in our immediate area was a dark desert wasteland, where we had our bowl of candy stolen.  Families had to drive to other areas to celebrate. Kathe (pronounced “Kay-tah”) single handedly galvanized the neighborhood, in the most creative and fun ways. In spite of an uphill battle, all eventually got on board, with the result of our having the most magical, beautiful celebration, that now brings others from other neighborhoods.  Because of her efforts we have a unified neighborhood, where we have gotten to know each other, and this neighborhood spirit has remained all year round. We’re now going on our 4th annual “Take Back Halloween” event on streets Westminster and Tabor, and Kathe’s intention is to spread the spirit to other streets and apartment buildings as well. 

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