Friday, October 10, 2014

Soaptopia - Silver Sponsor

Jolie, the creator of Soaptopia, is a visionary, an artist and is the essence of Soaptopia. During a 15 year career in advertising and commercial production and a personal journey in self awareness, Jolie decided to try to make natural soaps that were chemical and allergen free. "I was allergic to most beauty products like so many others are. The purest and most natural products were so difficult to find, so I decided to create them for myself."
Before long, Jolie was inspired to focus on the energetic aspects of healing through her products. Jolie gave the handmade soaps to her friends and co-workers. The response was great and the potential idea of running a natural body products business took shape. Jolie took the leap of faith and opened the doors of Soaptopia in December 2004 leaving her production career behind.
Jolie's vision to build community around natural products with pure essential oils and the best plant based oils culminated in the "Where do you Feel the Smell?" and "Love and be Loved, One Love" themes for the Soaptopia brand.
"The better we know ourselves, the better we can contribute to the whole. Empowering people to use their innate connection to that greater source is a dream of mine. After working in advertising and pushing messages that I didn't necessarily agree with, I now embrace a true message, Love and Be Loved, ONE LOVE with our products as the vehicle."
 "YOU smell - buy - use - give - love our products and WE co-create - share - evolve - educate - provide natural yummy soaps and skin products that  not only nourish the body but also awaken the senses and promote self-awareness.  Our responsibility in the eco-centered community is to devote ourselves to identifying more environmentally friendly ways to bring you the finest and freshest, 100% JUNK-FREE body care products available anywhere."

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