Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mar Vista Arts & Crafts Collective - Festival Booth

The Mar Vista Arts & Crafts Collective is a group of local artists that participate in the Mar Vista Farmers' Market on the 1st Sunday of every month.  The Fall Festival is very pleased that they are joining us today.
Two of their artists will be showing and selling today in the MV Arts & Crafts Collective tent:

On jazz and creating jewelry: you learn music and jewelry by starting with the basics. As you gain expertise, you start to improvise and add your own special twists and turns.

Marianne writes " I've been making things for what seems like 100 years.
When people say that you should do what you have a passion for, my response is: I like to make things. Somehow that doesn't seem to be an acceptable answer, but it's true. I'm just sorry I don't have space for a bigger (much bigger) workshop. There's no end to the things I'd like to make."

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