Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bill Rosendahl, the Ultimate Councilman

Many of us in Mar Vista first met Bill Rosendahl in a packed auditorium at Venice High School in September of 2004.  Over 1,000 Mar Vista residents came to protest the massive development being planned for Playa Vista.  Bill walked over to Venice High School from his Mar Vista home with many of his neighbors. Not yet our councilman, Bill stood up and spoke in support of the people. The following year, we elected him as our Councilman and we have never regretted it.

As our former District Eleven Los Angeles City Councilman, Bill fought the big developers, promoted environmental causes, supported Native Americans, helped create homes for the homeless, promoted mass transit, and pushed hard for a more open and responsive city government. Even with all that, Bill has always made time to be out in his district with his constituents.

Bill truly emulates what it means to be a man of the people. He has been seen at virtually every block party and neighborhood gathering in the district, not just talking, but listening to his neighbors. He has joined rallies to protest Mar Vista dogs locked out of the Santa Monica Dog Park and other rallies to protest jet air pollution from the Santa Monica Airport. He used some of his district money to improve Venice Blvd and his offices to collect school supplies for the needy and clothing for the homeless. Bill fought against LAX expansion and cuts to Fire and Police service while downtown, then found time to volunteer for Meals on Wheels back in our neighborhood.

From the impromptu meetings in his Mar Vista home, complete with a dog in the house and chickens in the backyard, to the regular Sunday visits at the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market chatting with neighbors and picking up greens for the chickens, Bill has become a staple in our community.

We are proud to have Bill Rosendahl as our beloved friend.

Thank you Bill, from all of Mar Vista and all of humanity.

Bill Rosendahl, Paul Koretz, Tom Ponton and Mike Bonin - Photo by Roy Persinko

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