Thursday, September 1, 2011

Booths At Our Festival!

Abbot Kinney Kids
Abbot Kinney Kids Daycare believes that all children can grow up with a love for music and the arts. Research shows that music and art promotes brain development as well as social and emotional growth when taught in an open loving environment. At Abbot Kinney Kids they teach children social, cognitive and emotional skills needed for a healthy future.

The Play Library
"The Play Library aims to provide all children and their families access to a variety of toys and games encouraging play and positive family interaction via a toy and game loan library. The Play Library is just like a regular library but instead of books, we lend toys and games. Our goal is simple - Play More!"

"Joseph launched his career in Real Estate in Beverly Hills with DBL Realtors in 2001. A native Angelino, Joseph earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Oregon and immediately after graduating became the in house leasing manager of a groundbreaking and successful urban renewal project in the Old Town of Portland, Oregon.  Joseph worked directly under Bill Naito, a visionary developer who is credited with resuscitating much of the old downtown area in the city.A fervent environmentalist, Joseph has taken an active part in conservation and education efforts towards sustainable living and community projects.  Joseph is a founding member and Vice President of the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market, a member of the Bio-Diesel co-op, Sub-Committee chair for 11th District Councilman Bill Rosendahl’s Empowerment Congress’s Sustainability Committee, an active member of the Mar Vista Community Council’s Green Committee, and a past member of the Beverly Hills Greater Los Angeles Board of Realtors Green Committee."

Joseph Treves, SRES

310 617.6746
deasy/penner & partners   
partner / realtor   >  dre ca. 01307958

Sustainable Works 
 "Sustainable Works is a non-profit environmental education organization and a project of Community Partners. Our mission is to foster a culture of sustainability in cities, colleges, and businesses. We accomplish this by providing hands-on, interactive, educational experiences, serving as a liaison between governments, institutions, businesses and individuals and fostering community development."

 Mar Vista Wise Connections 
Mar Vista Wise Connections is a community-based, non-profit virtual community that supports aging in place for adults 50+ in the Los Angeles area. Their goal is to help aging adults live a better, simpler life.

Five Gyres 
Five Gyres' mission is to raise awareness of the devastating impact that plastics are having on our world's oceans and to employ strategies for their elimination. They are bringing a silkscreen to stamp this message on the spot on your reusable bag - or even your T-shirts! Bring a spare! 

Life Source 
Looking for the right water system? Check out Life Source for the most efficient, economical and eco-friendly system available. Removes salts and chlorine while preserving calcium and magnesium. Recommended by Ed Begley Jr.

Check out the Recyclicious headbands! These are handcrafted by Christine Ladd Huffman using reclaimed, vintage designer scarves from the 1930's-1990's.

Quirky Creatures Cards
These fun handmade cards will capture your imagination. If you are looking for something new, something different and artistic you've arrived at the right place. Lose yourself in this imaginary surreal world of Quirky Creatures Cards designed by artist Irit Elazar Cohen.

Venice owners Kip and Fritzi started Tajtaj after a trip to India inspired in them a passion for gemstones and gold.  Come see our local artisans' intricate, handcrafted and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Washed Up
"Beautiful, Strange, Upsetting- Pollution Reborn as Art".  This just about says it all.  Marina DeBris is a local artist who uses humor, creativity and more than a little irony to create beautiful and haunting pieces that she's reworked from the trash that she finds tossed on our beaches. A must see.

Hee is a nutritionist who teaches healthy eating and life-style modifications in a fun and creative way. Through customized programs she honors the uniqueness of the individual while employing the various modalities of diet, nutrients,  herbs and life-style change to optimize personal and family health. 

Reptile and Amphibian Rescue Network
"RARN rescues injured and sick reptiles and amphibians, nurses the animals back to health and finds proper homes for these animals. RARN also helps pet owners become educated in the care of their animals.
Your tax-deductible donation to RARN will help rescue these needy animals, and get them proper care and homes".

Los Angeles Costume Swap
Check out the Trashion Show contest at 3:00 - don't forget to wear your Trashion Costume and join the contest! Bring a laundered, gently used costume you have retired and stop by the booth to do a costume swap - get a costume that it new to you! And while you're there, learn about healthy alternative sweets for Halloween.
Los Angeles Costume Swap is a non-profit group whose goal is to help children learn to embrace their imagination and celebrate what is healthy for both themselves and the planet. Not only an important teaching experience, but a whole lot of fun!

Constant Solar Power
Constant Solar Power is celebrating 10 years As California's leading solar provider.  Their founders have been designing remote power systems since 1989 and they incorporated Constant Solar Power 10 years ago in Los Angeles. Their early systems were used as models to train LADWP inspectors.  They do not subcontract their work so they are the crew that is on your roof.

Stephen Boskin Photography
Stephen Boskin is a local photographer with a large world view.  He is noted for ability to use only natural color and gifted with an eye for composition.  Come and see him beautiful photos and chat with him at our festival.

Looking for a smart, fast, fun, effective and personalized workout routine?  Who isn't?  Check out Curves state-of-the-art work out system that has revolutionized the way we work out.

Richland's mission is to provide students with a safe and supportive community from which to foster enthusiastic and creative learning; to develop strong leaders and well rounded citizens. They place high value on academics and parent involvement.  Come by and have a chat with their staff.

E.C. Creations
We all know and love Emma from the Mar Vista Farmers Market. She’ll be at the festival with her wonderful handmade reusable produce bags, aprons and pot holders!

Bizzy Blondes
Bizzy Blondes is a local real estate agency that has been in business for decades.  They have tons of experience in working with our local market.  Whether you are buying on selling, stop by their booth for a consultation, a market evaluation or an answer to your real estate questions.

H.A.S. Construction
Thinking about a remodel or a build?  Check out H.A. S. Constructions website and stop by their booth at the festival for a meet and greet.

Jaffe Insurance
Jaffe Insurance is proud of their experienced staff of full time specialists, who represent some of the finest insurance companies in the United States. Impressive customer service is the hallmark of their business.

Steve Little, State Farm Insurance
Come by the booth and meet Steve Little our friendly and knowledgeable State Farm Insurance agent.  Have a chat and make a friend.

Andy Shrader, - Booth PresenterAre you concerned about GMOs in your foods?  Would you like to know more? Come and talk with Andy Shrader of LA Green Machine and find resources to educate yourself and others on Genetically Modified Organisms. Learn you can do about this problem and sign the petition to have them identified.
"For more info, please go to"

Norwex is committed to improving the quality of life by radically reducing the amount of chemicals we use in our personal care and cleaning. Visit their booth and see their extensive line of ecological products.

The Pod Photography
 If you've been looking for the photographer who can take the family photo that you've been envisioning, look no further.  Their photos say it all.  Check out this website and come by for a visit.

Olivine Accessories
Beautiful handmade clothes and accessories. One of a kind baby blankets, make the perfect keepsake. 

The World Loves You
"The World Loves YOU is a  modern line of gifts illustrated by ceo to convey the simplest of messages: How would YOU know if you'd never been told...that YOU are brave, daring, and bold.The World Loves YOU recently debuted its line of cards, prints, t-shirts, and more in Venice, California with the sincere intention to make the YOU-niverse a better place one rhyme at a time". 

The Golden Needle Wellness 
The Golden Needle Wellness Acupuncture Center invites you to let their talented practitioners help you achieve vibrant health and well-being.  They also offer yoga instruction, Chinese herbal treatments and massage therapy.

 Whole Foods Market 
 Selling the highest quality natural and organic products available, Whole Foods on National Blvd. will be joining us for our festival selling caramel apples! Come and treat yourselves to one of Autumn's indulgences. 

Pete Castro
Westside real estate agent Pete Castro has an impressive knowledge of this area.  His boundless enthusiasm and his indefatigable energy and incredible work ethic have made him one of the Westside's most respected realtors. Stop by and say hello.  He'll be there to answer your questions.
Dedicated to excellence, Daniel Webster Middle School is committed to providing all learners with an excellent education through rigor, relevance, and respect in order to create a community of scholars ready to achieve their maximum potential.

Randy Frey/Clodwell Bankers -California Moves
Come and meet Randy Frey who joined Coldwell Banker in 2001 and works within the Ron Wynn Team representing both the buyers and sellers. Randy and his family have lived in Mar Vista since 1989. 

HRA Studios & Foundation
The HRA Foundation (HRAF) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization established in 2005 to provide music and arts education to under-served children, including those with terminal illness or special needs in the Los Angeles area.

MVCC/Mar Vista Public Library 
Get to know your wonderful local library, meet the librarians and find out you can best support this wonderful resource.

Honey Love Urban Beekeepers 
"HoneyLove is a nonprofit conservation organization with a mission to protect the honeybees and inspire and educate new urban beekeepers".

Coffee Connection 
Excellent coffee, espresso and teas in the heart of west Los Angeles.

Energy Upgrade California
Energy Upgrade California is your one-stop-shop for home improvement projects that lower your energy use, conserve water and natural resources, and make your home healthier and more comfortable.  Stop by and get answers to your upgrade questions.

 Green Tent Mar Vista Farmer's Market 

The Green Tent will be sharing space with LA Costume Swap on Saturday.  Come by and with the kids and find the perfect costume, turn in what you no longer use and get to know the folks who man the Green Tent weekly at the Farmers Market.

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